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Full Color Children’s Board Book Printing

Board books have always been on the preference list of kids. So, why will we lag behind in this service? We have a completely different section for looking after the production and marketing of premium quality board books. Each page is a combination of bright and colorful pictures so that the young minds are fascinated by those and learn new words. Metallic printing is done on the titles to give the book a lustrous and glossy effect.

Feature that is unique with our board books

They can be wiped clean every time your toddler dirties with them
They are made tear resistant and hence durable to a great extent
We provide lamination on both sides during customized settings
We print the colorful and attractive graphics directly on the thick paperboard for excellent output
Special finger tabs are provided on personalized printing
Rounded corners for safety and strong marketing

Presenting customized board books

We let you create the most durable and professional looking board book using your own stories and memories. We provide numerous layout templates so that you can fill it will your desire. Some of our sections include personalized toddler book, cute memory board book, flash cards with rings, create your very own design and custom interactive.

All you need to do is write the text and send us your pictures. We let you print everything including pictures, stories and even your child’s artwork. We have come up with 4.75 x 6 inch board book which will be perfect for those little figures. We let you a full hold over your book – from color schemes to text to the font. You will get exactly what you ordered. But, if you want we may complete the layout for you. Just sent us your pre designed pages.

Benefits that you can avail to with our superb service

Money saving offer: With our competitive pricing strategy you may save up to 40-60% over domestic printing service.
Get quality service and product: With our high quality and unique looking print job, you will definitely get your worth back.
Hardcopy Proofs: You will get an idea of what you have ordered before the print job is sent to print.

Go Green with us: We strictly use eco friendly products without risking the promised quality printing.

Visit our site and discover our collection of brilliantly illustrated board books for children of all ages. We are sure you will not be able to resist ordering. But do not worry! You will not regret for your impatience.

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