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Custom Chipboard Printed Boxes Packaging Wholesale in Bulk Pricing

We are a reliable and trusted brand name in the chipboard manufacturing industry. We use different weights of chipboard boxes for packaging individual products such as toothpaste or frozen dinners. These products are packaged with extra care while shipping to its destination. We provide our premium service at a minimal price. Our chipboard boxes are usually one piece with fold over lid and have lock tucks to ensure positive locking. Our boxes are produced in natural brown color on the inside and outside and are also strongly die-cut. Our professional Chipboard boxes are mainly ideal for lightweight packaging. You are free to choose from our great selection of chipboard boxes. We have provision for one piece folding cartons in white or brown Kraft. We also deal with two piece chipboard boxes along with rigid set up boxes.

Our expert team of professionals are regularly engaged in upgrading our equipment in order to keep in pace with the latest technology and style in the market. We also offer you to customize your own paper box. We are confident of an able service to meet all of your needs from start to finish.

Check on what do we have to offer

We offer printing in a wide range of colors

We use UV, aqueous, blister and varnish coating in the production process

We also use foil stamping

Embossing is also done on the box as per specific requirements

We also let die cutting and windowing

We provide provisions for folding, gluing and packing

We have a setup of professionals to advice you on your custom chipboard boxes. We also aid you in making your own logo. We have a pre designed set of templates to choose from as well. We have a creative help option to cater to all of your creative needs.

We have an established standard in the market for returning quotation requests promptly and finishing your job with quick turnaround times. We provide all our service at competitive pricing.

We are a one-stop source for your chipboard boxes and folding carton requirements. We strive for full customer satisfaction. Contact us today for your next chipboard boxes project.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for custom chipboard boxes or Request a Quote for your next paper packaging boxes project. Thinking outside the box about boxes.