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Wholesale & Bulk Corrugated Plain Pizza Boxes – Bulk Paper Pizza Boxes at Great Prices

We are an established name in the pizza box manufacturing industry. Our highly acclaimed pizza boxes are used for take and bake, delivery and deli take. You may also use them as a serving tray among close buddies during get together. Our corrugated plain pizza boxes are 100% eco friendly. They are naturally chlorine free and fully compostable as well. If you are interested in our products you may contact us by emailing or calling us in our help line number. We have a setup of expert professionals that is available online 24×7 at your service. We mainly manufacture our pizza boxes on a wholesale basis. We are head hunted mostly for our unique design and durability in the market.

What is the composition of our corrugated plain pizza boxes?

Our series of white paperboard plain pizza box in an ideal takeout container for pizza shops, concession stands, snack bars or convenience stores selling that sells pizza. There is also a fold-over lid for its easy handling. It oil or grease resistant as well. These boxes are highly in demand today because it is high quality and bulk sale at a wholesale amount.

Our Plain Corrugated Boxes are durable and dust proof and are also available in different sizes and shapes at a nominal price.

Plain pizza boxes – its ideal and unique features

Our simple design keeps pizza fresh for a longer time.
Our boxes are hard and hence are best for serving.
It is oil and grease resistant.
It is made oven-safe up to 375˚F and is ASTM D6400 certified
We have the best packaging solutions to exactly fit your need. We bring them to you at great prices since we are the direct manufacturers.
We bring high quality, unprinted, corrugated cardboard Pizza boxes at your service every time.

Custom Pizza boxes

We give our premium corrugated pizza boxes a professionalized look so that it is able to meet industry standards. We also avail to customization of these boxes as per clients’ requirements. We offer pre designed templates for easier assistance. We have a group of experts sitting online for your guidance every time you are here. We have been helping many companies and retail outlets since our establishment. Visit our page the best pizza box delivery in the market. We also provide free shipping for your convenience.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for custom Corrugated Plain Pizza Boxes or Request a Quote for your next paper packaging boxes project. Thinking outside the box about boxes.