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Wholesale & Bulk Corrugated Printed Pizza Boxes – Bulk Paper Pizza Boxes

The famous Italian cuisine, Pizza comes in unique boxes with is delivered in automobile, motor scooter or bicycle. Hence, these boxes take the most essential position in the pizza delivery process. A poorly made pizza box may ruin the hard work your cooks put in while preparing the pizza. You do not have to worry for any of such malfunctioning with us. We have a brand name in the market for offering premium quality pizza boxes.

Our appointed expert group of professionals has come up with quality approaches over the years with compact ranges of pizza boxes over the years. We design and develop these boxes in accordance to the industries laid parameters. We have been trusted for using quality raw materials from the most authentic vendors of the market. Our skilled team makes sure that our premium corrugated pizza boxes includes all quality attributes like longer service life, light weight and dimensional accuracy. Our range covers Pizza Packing Boxes, Duplex Pizza Boxes, Corrugated Pizza Boxes, Printed Pizza Boxes, Customized Pizza Boxes and others.

Features of our corrugated printed pizza boxes

We employ the best quality equipments and hard paper in the making of these pizza boxes

Our premium quality pizza boxes are chlorine-free and 100% compostable

They are white outside, brown inside boxes that does not consume much setup time

It is oil and grease resistant.

It is made oven-safe up to 375˚F and is ASTM D6400 certified

Custom printing pizza boxes

Our custom boxes present a wonderful opportunity to promote your company products to a host of potential customers. We let you personalize your logo design and other graphics on the pizza boxes. We also offer a number of specialties packaging options. Our superb ink and printing quality attaches a brand name to your boxes every time you send them out for sale. We also have corrugated “To Go” and catering boxes to offer to expand your business. Our highly experienced professionals guide you with their exquisite designs, vivid patterns and sizes. These are fabricated with qualitative raw material that is obtained from the most accredited vendors of the industry.

Our staff is dedicated to producing the high quality pizza box. We compliment that with the best customer service in the market place. We take bulk orders at a very cheap price. We design, print and ship custom pizza boxes without disappointing our clients every single time.

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