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Custom Essential Oil Boxes & Packaging at Wholesale Rates – Bulk Orders

There is always an Essentials oil Box that will need the first when you enter your new home. It is the last thing to be packed while loading the truck. It is the Last on, first off.  This box is has everything that you need essentially!! It has goods like: Towels, soap, toilet paper, sheets, coffee makerdrinking cups, eating utensils, pens and notepad. How would you remember to pack everything? How tedious and stressful would that be?

At PrintweekIndia, you make your life easier by providing you a range of household essentials on the moving day. It is delivered straight to your door on the day you move in your new house. The essentials box will help you to get up and go quickly in your new home and relax!

Our essentials box contains tea, coffee, milk and toilet roll, and a range of cleaning products to help you quickly freshen-up your new home, and discounts and offers from home interior and DIY specialists, everything is dispatched to you automatically.

Baby Essentials Box

A newborn and a new mom have some special gifts. We line a mailing carton with tissue paper. We add a wide velvet ribbon, then a cotton baby quilt to provide cushioning when it’s folded over the gifts. The ribbon, tied into a bow, will hold it closed, and a hand-knit mouse peeks out at the recipient. Gifts are then wrapped in a coordinating tissue; tie a pacifier on one for decoration.

For baby, we goodies like a kimono, booties, thermometer, nail scissors, striped sweatshirt, and cotton undershirt; for Mom, a candy-filled baby bottle and bag of herbal tea.

Rhodia Essentials Box

The Rhodia Essentials Box is just that – a fun compilation of Rhodia favorites.

Open up the orange case (that looks like a big Rhodia pad) and you’ll find four classic Rhodia notebooks – a No. 8 Pad, a No. 16 Pad, two No. 11 Pads (all with graph paper interiors) PLUS, two Rhodia pencils. And you can keep the box to store Rhodia pads or other office stuff in perpetuity.

Moving house packaging essentials box

Think about packing an ‘essentials’ box for new home? A box containing coffee, tea, some light snacks, cups and a kettle may welcome you soon after you arrive!