What are the different types of printing services offered by PrintweekIndia?

Our wide range of offerings include calendar printing services, offset printing services, book publishing services and corporate stationery designing and printing services in Mumbai.

Can PrintweekIndia design and typeset my book?

We can design, typeset and send the required file formats and supply a printed copy or even a small quantity of adoption books.

I have a very old book, no electronic format available. Can PrintweekIndia help me for it?

Yes. We strive to provide as much assistance to customers as possible. We use high quality image scanners to scan your book and then print from these scanned files. Your book will be dismantled for the scanning process and occasionally, the scanned file may vary from the original book. After the completion of the scanning process, we will re-bind your book.

Additionally, after the scanning process, we offer you the opportunity to choose a better font, images and illustrations. All of these can also be resized.

What is the lowest run for an offset printed book?

We can print from 500 copies to 20,000 copies, even more of your publication.

What is the best format for sharing electronic files?

The ideal format is a print-ready PDF, with a separate font and image library (or ensures that all the fonts are fixed in the file). We can, on request, convert any format into a print-ready format (at a fee).

How do I know that my book will be printed appropriately?

We will share a proof of your book prior the real printing. The printing process will be commenced only after receiving your approval.

How long will it take for my book to be printed?

For a print-ready file, you have to complete in all respects, a testimony can be ready in less than 96 hours. After approval, the publication can be completed within 3 weeks – it all depends on the quantity and complexity of the work and the availability of the paper.

If there is a strict deadline, talk to us. We always try to have room for our customers’ requests, but please check with us about this at the estimation stage.

When can I expect my quotation back?

We have a fast turnaround for quotations. Easy to read and understand quotations are sent on the next working day (after final specifications receipt) by our sales team. Quotations for orders that are more multifaceted can take up to 96 hours.

Can PrintweekIndia deliver my publication to individuals on my mailing list?

Yes. We also offer mailing and warehousing services. If you send in your mailing list in an .xls format (or any other well-matched format), we can print stickers, wrap up your publication and make it organized for pickup by Post or Courier as told.

What is your turnaround time?

The delivery time could be as low as 3 days, from proof approval to mailing, to 8 weeks, for a large size, multicolor book.

What about privacy and safety?

Any information collected for order processing or from inquiries, is not shared with any other company or website. Your information with us is used only to contact you.

Do I have to know a lot about printing to work with you?

No, it does not require you to have good knowledge about printing. We have our team to help and guide you on your project for everything; from type of paper to the best available binding. Additionally, we offer samples of all different types of materials used before the production.

What shipping methods PrintweekIndia uses?

PrintweekIndia employs different shipping methods and it all depends on the size of the order, delivery location and few other factors.

We assure you that we always offer you the most economical shipping option that guarantees fast delivery of your orders. For products printed in India, with standard shipping, the package is sent to the US through ocean freighters. After their arrival at our office, they are generally shipped to India addresses through UPS. For big orders, we have many freight carriers. Indian orders are shipped through many carriers.

Urgent orders are shipped via air-service from India to all parts of the world. And, large orders are handled via different air and ground freight service providers.

Can you send my order on my UPS, FedEx or other shipping provider account?

Presently, because of the import and customs laws in India, all orders must be shipped using PrintweekIndia’s accounts. However, for larger orders, we may send you via your preferred freight providers. Contact us for details.

Why does it take six to eight weeks?

We want to benefit our customers with our lowest prices on printing. You save more with printing in India with us. After you have reviewed our prices, we are sure that you will realize that there are many advantages to printing overseas and wait a little bit for your order. Just plan in advance and it saves your time and money. And, if you need your order very fast delivered, we can work it out through air shipping and it is delivered in about two weeks from proof approval. For instance, you require around 200 booklets for a trade show in the next three weeks, but can wait for the left over 8,000 pieces as they are not needed for some time. We will ship the initial 200 pieces via air and the remaining order will be sent about 4 to 6 weeks after that.

Can you manage complex shipping requirements?

50 copies to the Office – Check
50 copies to your boss’s office, but to be delivered first – Check
500 copies to your brother-in-law’s best friend in Austin – (Sent via air fast) – Check.
500 copies (wrapped in lots of 50) to a distribution facility in Pittsburgh – Check
Remaining order shipped on a pallet to a freight dock in Anaheim – Check

It does not matter how complex your shipping requirements are, we can surely handle it.

When you have an order with complex shipping logistics, just select the right option, “Complex Shipping.” We charge you the base cargo cost and process your order and then call you right away to talk about your shipping requirements in detail. You will get a fast & reasonable quotation on whatever shipping combination options you require…yes, you can take care of the needs of all others. en the guy in Tuscaloosa. The base freight cost is credited towards this amount.

International Shipping

Do you want to get your brochures to your country? Or, perhaps to a business associate in other country? We ship to almost every part of the world.

Can you ship to _______?

Additionally, our worldwide sourcing network enables us many times to print your items at a location strategically close to your order destination that saves your time and money.

Of course, shipping to some locations might be more complicated or pricey, but most of the times we easily deliver your order wherever you want. Experts in our global shipping and sourcing team are pros at handling dealing international routing, customs and local rules & regulations.

Please note that there are some nations we cannot ship to because of international regulations or laws. These countries include – Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan though restrictions differ depending on the item, your company’s location and few other factors.

Please Contact us for any other details and, ask all kinds of questions freely.