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Food Packaging Boxes

There are different types of Food Packaging boxes. Vacuum packed raw meats are packaged using either corrugated or solid board packaging. Solid board packaging is particularly suitable for frozen meats or other heavy weight products. Due to their weight and bulky nature they can be poly coated so that they offer water resilience and improved strength. Many frozen meat producers use food packaging boxes and containers manufactured by PrintweekIndia.

Being one of the India's leading suppliers of food packaging boxes to a number of food companies, we have gained very good experience in this field. We offer a full range of food packaging boxes to cover every need for small businesses through to the largest retailers. Our portfolio includes egg boxes, sausage & burger cartons, pasty and sausage rolls, cake boxes, meat products, crisps & snack cardboard boxes, biscuits, cereal bars and flapjacks and vast selection of cheese cartons. Other than food related packaging, we also offer the packaging in the drinks industry. We also provide boxes for tea and coffee, bag-in-box type cartons, outer cartons for fruit juices and smoothies.

We also provide the design and printing for the Food package boxes, applied to the gift boxes, cake boxes and food packaging products like cake boxes, dry food packaging, food container, food packaging bags, food packaging labels and other food packaging products.

PrintweekIndia offers unique solutions for packaging a variety of products available in the market. Whatever the size, color or your budget is, we can create the perfect custom food packaging boxes for your product.

In order to keep your product fresh and protected from various temperatures and environmental condition, we use freezer grade board and coatings. Along with printed packaging food boxes, we also create paperboard sleeves, packers, point of purchase displays and beers trays.

These low priced, inexpensive food packaging boxes are the best options where the products can be safely packed in. For products like dry fruits, chocolates, Pizza etc. these boxes helps in preserving the shapes and restore the quality of the products. At PrintweekIndia, we manufacture top-quality customized food packaging boxes. We provide the best packaging solutions for you within your budget.

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Customer Review for Food Packaging Box
Warren Spices, New Castle - 2/5/2013
The food packaging boxes are made of good quality paper. It’s strong and can carry the food properly. Nice service!
Yamini Foods Center., Chennai - 11/8/2013
These boxes are available in many colors and can be customized. I liked my order and the turnaround period of this company is fast. Good Service in India!
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