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Design & Print Family Genealogy Books

Are you a great enthusiast in researching your origins? Do you love collecting photographs and take notes on a regular basis? If your answer to this is yes! You are probably on the right site. Our books are a great way to organize all of this information. All you need to do is to give us your family photos, profiles of your relatives and history of your origin and we will create your Family History Book that you will want to hand down generation after generation in no time.

We have a great deal of options to preserve your family memories. Photos are not permanent, they grow brittle with time. Protecting your family memories as a highly professional book which can be passed down over time will be a superb idea.

A lot of options come readymade with our genealogy book. You may always create and design your own layout in any form and we may create your book in any size you want. We give a full customization option too. We add both hard cover and soft cover according to your demand. Your order has no limitations. You may order as few as one book or thousands! Once you are done with the output it will make an excellent gift for your family to cherish forever.

Genealogy printing – two important aspects

Some authors intend to distribute premium genealogy books only to the immediate family and maybe to a few libraries and the local genealogical society. These authors do not need much assistance. The print run will range from 25 to 200. We provide hard cover binding to enhance the appearance and appeal of the genealogy book at an affordable price.

Again, there is this section of genealogy author who writes a more scholarly tome with the intention of distributing and selling to a wider audience. We therefore help them distribute professional looking books to a broader number of libraries, historical societies, and genealogical societies again at a cheap price.

Our Print-on-Demand service to family historians

One of the biggest advantages upon using our Print-On-Demand service is that it is much cheaper compared to traditional publishing. We get you digital manuscript transformed to printed book in a very less time, often in just a few weeks. To give your family history book a more professional look, well you will have to spend a little extra. But do not worry! It won’t surpass your budget.

We will help you in every aspect of creating your premium genealogy book be it in typing, cover design, editing, or even writing as long as you are satisfied with our work. We usually either charge separately for the manuscript preparation services, or roll the cost into the book printing charges as you desire.

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