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Luxury Gift and Hamper Boxes Wholesale and Bulk Orders Online

Want to reward your staff or show how much you care for them? How about gifting an organic hamper box? We make customized hamper boxes or you can order from wide range of stock or you can choose one from our selection. We can provide you any number of boxes and that too within your budget. We also provide gift vouchers which can be distributed among you staff as incentives.

All hampers boxes come with a tissue paper and a note informing the recipients that they have received a gift which is sustainable for them and environment friendly. Our hamper boxes are available in a wide range of sizes and are all supplied flat-packed and are easily assembled in seconds.

They are ideal for personal, retail or packing environments and are a fantastic way to present any gift. You can also use them to present wine or Champagne bottles, toiletries, chocolates, fine foods and use them for any occasion – Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Anniversaries or corporate hospitality.

Square Hamper Boxes in Wholesale and Bulk

Square profiled Hamper Boxes come in different sizes. They are designed for relatively smaller gift bundles, supplied flat-packed for easy storage and with a high-quality tactile fastening. We have a wide range of colors and sizes in this.

Wholesale Rectangular Hamper Boxes

Rectangular profile Hamper Boxes and Gift Boxes have the widest variety of sizes, with the largest comparable to a traditional wicker hamper in dimensions. These high quality gift boxes are strong, moisture resistant and convenient to store and assemble in seconds.

Gift Hamper Boxes Bulk

We also have a range of beautiful Italian-designed and manufactured gift hamper boxes which are of a very high quality. Available in bottle-green or rich brown, the exterior has a matt grained textured finish, giving an extra touch of luxury. This is a unique opportunity to get these exclusive Wholesale hamper boxes at such a low price!

Sweets Hamper Boxes

This hamper box contains nearly 1 kg of sweets with 14 different varieties of sweets. The one who will receive this will be the luckiest one, but don’t expect them to share! These delicious sweets come packed in a fantastic gloss red box, with magnetic closure, tied with a cream chiffon bow. This sweets hamper box is so jam packed with goodies that our staff had to go on an extensive training workshop just to learn how to fit all of the items in!

Contact us to discuss your requirements for custom hamper boxes or Request a Quote for your next paper packaging boxes project. Thinking outside the box about boxes.