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Printing and Binding Hand Books at your Global Printer In India at PrintweekIndia.com

Printing High Quality Hand Books in Full-Color

Hand books are issued by companies or institutes with the basic aim of providing ready reference. If you want your employee hand books to be printed you have dropped on the right site. If you have always considered in house handbook printing, you are certainly not aware of the fact that the sum total of labor, paper and tone cost involved in printing is much more when compared to professional hand book printers like us to begin with. You will be able to save a bulk load of money and time without the need of even getting up from the comfort zone of your seat.

We provide expert assistance in designing your print production hand book. We make sure that you do not fall in the trap of the conventional boring book. Rather we keep your handbook completely packed with examples and simple explanations.

Customized hand book – our assistance, your idea

We also let you create your own personalized hand book and print them with cost effective value. We also help you cut out the guess work that occurs when your work is transferred for soft copy to hard copy. Check on your foiled text limit while choosing the rich black font. And if you want to use 200dpi we are the best in the field.

Printing material – we provide exactly what you need

We use high quality, significant paper stock on our handbook printing material. Premium grade stocks have a major role to play in recreating your design. The 100lb Gloss Text and 100lb Gloss cover that we have come up with are bright white. It makes your print look the best on the clear white background, thereby bringing out the color’s dazzling quality. Our stock also incorporates saddle-stitched or wire-o booklet printing option. We use saddle-stitch binding to staple your handbook and use durable wire-o for wire binding.

Checklist maintained to provide superior printing service

» We make sure that your requisition form is filled
» We make sure that your paper choice is picked out correctly
» We go for a spell check
» We make sure that your files are completed and packaged with fonts and images
» We include bleeds on your files, if any of your images have  surpassed a page
» We remind you to copy all the files onto a CD or Flash/Jump Drive or send them by email upon order

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