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Trendy Custom Hat Boxes Packaging Wholesale at Bulk Prices

A customized hat box can be used as a show piece for decoration or to hold and protect a hat. Hat boxes come in a variety of shapes. The instructions that follow will enlighten you through the process of making each kind of hat box, based on shape. By making the bottom of the box and the top of the lid first, you will establish the shape of your hat box and maintain symmetry.

Hat Boxes, traditional Hat Boxeshexagonal Hat Boxes collections are available in four sizes: 13”, 16”, 19”, 22” and three finishes: Plain, Polka Dot and Stripe. All Hat Boxes are made from high quality cardboard which provides great protection for your precious hats, garments, etc. Hat Boxes arrives flat packed.

Ladies hats, men’s hats, children’s hats – we have boxes for all types of hats. Top hats, knit hats, Church hats, derby’s, Easter bonnets, Red Hatters, tiaras, crowns and more. You name a hat and we have the box to protect it. PrintweekIndia’s beautiful and high quality Hat Boxes and fabric boxes are made in the India using odorless, nontoxic adhesives, recycled chipboard and high quality fabrics. Our hat boxes are made with a traditional cording handle that enables you to carry the box from the top or from the side. The sizes listed are inside dimensions make sure that your hat fits in it.

We proudly announce that we are the pioneers and have been innovating various cardboard solutions for people or organizations which launch a new product in the market, or those who are dissatisfied with their past experience. It must have been very costly for them or must be lacking style or the impact, or offer too little protection for the product they sell. There could be many reasons why they choose us.

We manufacture our fabric hatboxes in India using recycled chipboard and non-toxic adhesives. Each hatbox comes with an insert designed to stabilize your hat and a cording handle for the ease of transportation.

Round 2 Pieces Sturdy Hat Boxes are also available individually or in a set. We can also manufacture customized hats for you of the colors and sizes of your choices for large quantity orders.

Have a look at our inexpensive hat boxes. We offer great deals on sets of hat boxes if you have a passion to collect and store a whole collection of variety of colors and finishes. Whatever type of hat box you need large or small, we are certain we have a solution to suit all budgets.

For custom sizes, heights and fabric colors please reach us on +91-9509911999

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