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Custom Printed Wholesale Litter Packaging Boxes

Having a cat at home can be of great fun. The only annoying part is the litter. But don’t worry when we are around. Make cat sanitation easy and create an odor free environment with our quality selection of litter boxes and litter box accessories which are chosen as best in their class. From clumping litter to automatic litter boxes, litter scoops to air freshening aids, you’ll find everything you need for a fresher, cleaner, quicker clean litter area.

You can give your cat an attractive litter box and save yourself from the pain of cleaning the litter every now and then. You can thus provide your cat with a positive experience when using the litter box. Positive experiences encourage the cat to continue using the litter boxes we supply and keeping your home clean and odor free.

PrintweekIndia offers you a great selection of litter boxes, toilets and litter trays and other accessories like deodorants, litter mats and much more.

Whether you are busy with work or plan to go on a vacation, the Litter Box is an efficient tool for your cat’s litter needs. It ensures that your home remains fresh and clean with practically no foul odor detectable from the cat’s waste. The automatic litter box empties the waste into a sealed, disposable receptacle to ensure odors are contained. The litter box also has a detachable rake mechanism designed for efficient use and easy cleaning, and extra-high side walls prevent the litter from spilling out onto the floor. The Litter Box is very handy for day-to-day use and helps save you time cleaning the litter box. This litter box is also safe for your cat. All parts and accessories are made of lightweight materials intended to create a friendly and easy atmosphere for your cat.

Litter Box Type and Size

Litter boxes are available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. Cats generally prefer large, uncovered litter boxes. Uncovered boxes are more easily accessible to your cat. Larger boxes provide more room for your cat to move around. As a rule the litter box should be large enough for your cat to stand up (on all fours) and turn around conveniently.

Boxes with high sides or rims around the top may be appropriate for cats that tend to scatter litter over the side while digging. Low sided boxes are appropriate for small kittens and older cats that have trouble getting in and out of the litter box.

Covered litter boxes are also available. Owners may use covered boxes to keep their dog out of the cat litter or to keep litter “out of sight”. Some cats may prefer covered litter boxes because of the extra privacy they provide. Remember that covered litter boxes will concentrate odors more than uncovered boxes. Your cat may refuse to use a covered box if it is not kept clean.

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