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Full Color Customized Look Books Printing

We believe that the thought of look book printing is pretty awesome. A look book allows potential clients and buyers to view your fashion line in a glamorous and creative format. We help you promote your photographs and images by using attractive textures and colors to the foreground of your spectator’s attention. We also help you choose unique fonts and luxurious paper options to give your professionally built look book the attention it deserves. After the immense amount of time and money you did put in your fashion line, went out securing vendors and making important professional connections, you definitely need a break.

And bang! Here we come in to create the best looking premium look books exclusively for you. Your company’s success is depended a lot on the presentation of your look book. Every minute detail in your look book from crisp clear font to vibrant color matters a lot. A small mistake in this area will be a big blunder. We do not believe in risk taking. Therefore, we have appointed a dedicated staff of graphics and customer service experts to guide you in every possible way. Our team continuously reviews your file to warn you of any forth coming issue that might be fatal to your customized look book.

Look books – a reality check on our printing services

Look books are highly recommended by experts to flaunt your fashion collection. We offer numerous choices to cater to your needs in fashion, footwear, jewelry, pocketbook, eyewear… in fact in every possible field. We give you a plethora of paper stock, ink, pocket size, binding and cover options to choose from. We also offer full color on look books that will surely get your collection noticed.
Our highly professional look book printing service includes same day digital printing, next day printing, traditional offset printing, short or long run printing with no minimum order requirement.

We also provide a lot of option on binding such as saddle-stitched, wiro, spiral, twin loop, plastic comb, perfect binding, taped binding, ring binders and staple booklets.
Our excellent quality paper stocks includes glossy, matte or satin paper stock, card stock, 100% recycled paper, white and colored paper and lastly paper stock in a wide variety of weight like 20lb, 24 lb and 28 lb.

Your look book can be customized using our ‘variable data’ technology to further influence the marketing impact. Our finishing department is able to finish its work with the targeted time without your need to move from your comfort zone. We use the latest technology of artistic equipments to produce outstanding color and quality and finally come up with a professional look.

We do understand and appreciate your business and work together to reach the set goals so that you benefit from our premium service and meet all of your digital printing needs.

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