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Wholesale Paper Lunch Boxes Online – High Quality Lunch Boxes for Work & School

Do you want love to eat your food only if your lunch box is beautiful, stylish and fashionable? Are you in search of the perfect lunch box that will improve your nutritional habits and food controls? If you answer to these is yes! Congratulations on finding us! We not only deal with premium quality paper lunch boxes but also provide ideas, recipes, tips and inspirations especially for you. We insist you to have a close check on our gallery.

We have a large display of target Lunch Box for all ages along with a comprehensive set of reviews from our satisfied customers. We also have a subset of customizable lunch boxes along with corresponding testimonials for guarantee to help you choose a product that will best suit your need.

Our exclusive range of paper Lunch Boxes for children

Visit our site and browse for our premium lunch boxes for children. We are partners with top brands like Hop, Bobble Art, Stephen Joseph, Smash and character led designs featuring Hello Kitty and Spider-Man. Your child will never forget to carry his/her lunch box to school.

This exclusive range is available to you in all kinds of fun and bright themed designs which will be your child’s all time favorite. Some of best seller theme includes Pirate lunch boxes, Owl lunch boxes, Jungle lunch boxes, Dinosaur lunch bags, Ladybird lunch bags, Butterfly lunch bags, Transport lunch bags, Train lunch boxes, Aero plane lunch boxes etc.  We also bring a wide variety in compartment lunch boxes, Nude Food Movers and Nude Food Kits. They are air tight compartments and keep your food fresh. Some also consist of two spill proof removable container. Our highly skilled production staff keeps on adding innovations to these boxes so that you may pack a healthy and balanced lunch for your child. So come and choose from our selection of mini and large rubbish free lunch boxes that come in a variety of color which is designed specially for your kids at a very cheap price.

Benefits on our lunch box

We give the best value on these premium quality lunch boxes. They are environment friendly and are made from recycled materials like PET bottles.

We provide removable ice pack that clips in to the lid of the container to keep food fresh and safe.
Your lunch and drink is kept hygienic in the insulated fabric lunch bag and has a zip closure & front outer pocket.
We also have the perfect lunch box kit older kids and adults who want to carry a main meal and snacks without spilling in over.
We also have a personalized insulated fabric lunch sack with loop handles and magnet closure in our collection.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for custom paper Lunch boxes or Request a Quote for your next paper packaging boxes project. Thinking outside the box about boxes.