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Have you always wanted to make a funeral book where you, your family and friends can add memories to, but could not due to some reason or another? Well, it’s better late than never. We have come up with a beautiful range of memorial book service where you may share stories; make your dear ones laugh, smile or even cry. We also have a list of customized resources to transform it into a professional heirloom. So, what are you waiting for? Order today and relive your stories time and again. We boast of a virtually unique service in the market. We let you create a hardcopy of your website and maintain your precious memories in form of a Memorial Book.

What exactly do we do?

You no longer need to turn on your PC every time you want to browse through your memories. We will get your memory book ready in no time. Send us request for the edit page by clicking on the buttons provided. Your file will then be saved. We will work on it and send you the final product at the earliest.

We also offer a service of premium sympathy cards on print which can be personalized on demand. You may send those to the bereaved and let shipping be our headache.

Personalizing your memory book

We want you to transform your most cherished photos into a personalized photo album and preserve those memories for lifetime. We make it easier for you to create memorandum through a host of expertise that is always there 24×7 to guide you. Explore your imagination and create meaningful, personalized funeral and memorial gifts to show that you do care.

Three easy steps: remember-create-share is all that it takes to have a personalized, professionally printed and bound memorial book filled with your most cherished photos and memories created. You may gift this to your family members and  make them understand their stance in your life. We respect your feelings; hence our packages are also affordable and reasonable.

A few custom memorial books

Women Memorial Books

We have a special book template predesigned to meet the needs of the memories of a female loved one who passed away. We have added a female feel with graphics more feminine in these books.

Men Memorial Books

We have also come up with a whole different customized pre-designed section of memorial books that is filled with colors and textures and have male subjects. You will only have to fill it up with your pictures and write ups.

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