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PrintweekIndia: A Global Store for Printing Short Run Paperback Book in India

If you wish to create shop-ready paper bag books, you are on the right site. We provide you with the most popular and least expensive finishing option. We provide assistance in almost every aspect. Your quantity least matters to us. We always go for quality. We have the consistent record of producing 20,000 premium paperback books per week. We keep our stakes quite high when it comes to our binding options.

Paperback book – different sizes available

We understand the psychology behind demands of our clients. Each client will have different wants. We therefore try our best to fulfill each of them and create professional paperback books. A few of the provided options in terms of sizes are:

Standard (197mm x 132mm)
Demy (216mm x 138mm)
A5 (210mm x 148mm)
Royal (233mm x 156mm)
Custom portrait sizes (available on request)
Custom landscape sizes (available on request)

We also provide this superb provision for you to request for custom-made quotations upon your book stipulations.

What goes behind the binding process?

Our automatic laminator laminates the digitally printed colored cover.
The printed loose-leaf sheets are made to enter the bindery. The book block is gathered here and milled along the spine edge to create a rough surface
Glue is applied and the books are trimmed to the final size
Your books are then carefully packed and shipped for delivery

Different kinds of books produced

Our range includes from personalized book to Science, Technical or Medical Books, Trade Books, Educational Books, Academic, Professional or Reference Books.

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