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Hardcover Children Poetry Book Printing

Are you in search of a valuable site to self publishing your poetry book? Do you want your imagination and creativity to reach the minds of others too? Let loose your skills with us by printing the most fun professional poetry book. The only thing that might give you a second’s thought is the size of the book. Do not worry! We come to your rescue with the perfect and affordable poetry book for you.

A few tips that we offer for an affordable poetry book

We let you include illustrations, photographs and sketches other than limiting your books to only poems.

We set the DPI at 300 for the best photo reproductions while scanning images for your book.

We help you to create contrast between your pages. For example, you may want to different font for the different headings. Even though it seems to be a good idea, it is better to have a certain template or layout to follow.

We let you include table of contents for lengthy compilation of poems. It will help your readers find their favorites effortlessly.

If you have no experience in using programs such as Adobe InDesign or PageMaker, do not be disappointed. We offer free photo book software that you may use for your customized poetry book.

We also provide our customers with a section of pre installed images and templates so that the designing process is further simplified for you.

Your work of art can be made into gifts for friends and families. This book will be something to cherish forever.

Printing services we offer

Our technology makes your poetry book more affordable and easy. We are confident over our quality and print. We also display and send out free copies of your previous work. We use the latest digital and offset technology to assure high quality results and quick turnaround times. We are committed to flexible customer service. That’s why we offer both digital and offset services.

Well for short runs, say fewer than 500, we suggest digital route. Whereas, our high speed digital machinery provides an affordable alternative to large print runs. Though offset printers are best for high quality photos and half tone reproduction, our carefully chosen digital equipments are able to produce premium poetry books. It therefore does not matter, if you want to print 100 or 100000 copies, we are the most reliable site in the market that provides quality service at a cheap rate.

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