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FDA approved Fast Food Paper Packaging

We are a common name in the production of premium fast food paper packaging boxes in the market. We are highly relied for our hygienic standards. Our packaging boxes are every where, from food joints to fast food centers to restaurants. You need not stick to convention and may also use our boxes to pack stuffs like dry fruits, chocolates and pizza. We keep in mind certain specifications during the production process like coming up with ideas on keeping the food hot and fresh for a longer time.

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Our premium food grade paper quality is FDA approved. We employ flexo printing and eco friendly water based protection ink during the production process. We also let you customization on the fast food paper packaging. We let you create your own logo and graphics and have them printed on these packages. We also provide you with professional assistance while personalization. Our packages come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and alternative materials to suit almost every requirement. We take bulk orders at a wholesale rate. We have a setup of online assistance available at your service 24×7. If you want your packaging to be printed in a much different way then mentioned in our site, you may always call us at our helpline number and request for your quote for free. Our shipping service is free all over India. And our rates are cheap too.

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