Book Wine Moving Box

Book/wine moving box is a typical everyday usage box for packing unbreakable items like books, wine bottles, CD’s/ DVD’s games and toys. There are slots in our book/wine moving box where you can easily wrap wine bottles in paper or bubbles and make them stand upright during transportation. We also provide ultimate wine protection with provisions to polystyrene wine inserts. Our premium moving boxes are made from eco friendly and recyclable strengthened cardboard boxes. We use “C” flute strength and the highest quality cardboard fiber in the production stage.

This book/wine storage cardboard can also be custom branded with your company name, logo and details printed on it.

Options on the type of book/wine carrying boxes

The extra small type: They are cube like extra small boxes used during moving from one place to another, during shipping or for storage. These premium moving boxes are used to pack very heavy or fragile items like books, crystals and glassware.

The small type: They are similar to the small boxes used while moving. You can use it for packing small heavy items like books, tools and canned goods. Such a kind of quality book wine moving box may be used for shipping and storage as well.

The medium type: They tally with medium boxes that are used in the moving industry. You can easily pack medium size and weight like kitchenware, toys and other small electronics.

The large type: You may compare them to large boxes. Its exact dimension is 18x18x24. You may use it for packing larger lighter items like lamp shades, speakers and clothing. You may use it while shipping as well.

The extra large type: These are customized book/wine printing boxes that is made for you on your demand for packing large items like comforters, pillows, stuffed animals and so on.

We sell everything at a cheap price. We make sure that our customers are largely benefitted by our products and come to us with their orders every time.

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