Broaden your child’s mind with our Children’s book service

Printing children’s book is a tedious job. They need to be filled with creative stories and astounding color images and premium quality paper to attract young minds. Our high resolution digital color printers produce huge bulk of childlike books exactly according to your specifications every time. We boost of an exceptional color vibrancy of the FDA approved perfect bound photographic reproductions.

Our Print on demand publishing service

Make customized book with our affordable print on demand service. We allow you to create professional looking books in almost every shape and size. If the kids at your school simple love coloring and other creative work, why don’t you come up with this fantastic idea of compiling their work with our superb premium quality hard cover or soft cover book? It will be a memory to cherish for ever.

Again, recreate your bed time stories with our cheap printing provisions. There is no other better way to pass down your stories than kiddies’ book printing.

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Premium pricing strategies

Our pricing strategies are linked to the illustrations, texts and designs of the books. We suggest you to go for a small run of 50 innovative books initially. Our past experiences say that authors are never satisfied with the first look and tend to make a few chances on their order later on. We charge a significantly low unit cost for your personalized books.

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