Make Your Own Custom Packaging Boxes with PrintweekIndia

Any thoughts on your next product launch? Are you having trusting issues about companies on who to rely on for printing product boxes? Is your precious time being killed on the search of a reliable company? Today, you are being surrounded to many companies but to choose the right one is a tedious job. So, here we are at your rescue! possibly encompasses exactly all your needs, from packaging box needs, layout designing to bulk printing and fits exactly in your tight schedule. We provide a continuous day and night service for clients.

Important Details to Attract Customers

Ok! Your products cannot attract its potential target group unless you have an element of uniqueness added to it. The visual presentation of you packaging must be alluring. It must compliment your product and also has to be intriguing enough. It must be able to make a brand name on its own. Important features like key ingredients, product directions and useful details in a must for you to include. Moreover to have a lasting impact PrintweekIndia suggest you to use vibrant colors and unusual feature to surprise your customers and lengthen your impact on them.

Custom Design Beauty Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Cosmetics are something inseparable from ladies. You will have to research the psychology of your potential buyers and then finally apply strategies for effectiveness. You must know how important the role of packaging boxes in cosmetics is. We from PrintweekIndia have come up with a few suggestions for you:

  • Cautiously fill in the product details like the ingredients, instructions about how to use it, when to use it, its benefits etc, in the product box.
  • For makeup packaging boxes include all the color swatches that is available, so that the customer can decide according to her want.

All these details finally lead to the success or failure of a cosmetic product in the market. Note that mismatch colors calls for a second thought in the mind of the buyer.

We at PrintweekIndia too, provide you with suggestions on the making of cosmetic packaging boxes to help you decide on your design..

  • Give your product a 3D effect by mixing matte and embossed spot UV coating.
  • Matte compliments emboss by giving a surreal effect.
  • Your product boxes can achieve customizable appearances also by using embossing, gold and foil stamping, matte or glossy lamination and UV coating.
  • If you are thinking of a laminated coating for your product boxes to add luster and durability use 12pt or 14pt card stock.

Boost Customer Attention

If you take your product packaging seriously, you can perform miracles in advertising. You can promote positive vibe about your company by giving a lasting and appealing first impression. You can do that by using unique and interesting styles and formatting and contrasting colors.

You company logo is very important. Print it in full color with attractive style but you do not need to spend a large amount. We at PrintweekIndia provide you with the best quality color spot on printing packaging boxes.

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