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PrintweekIndia, a Jaipur, India based independent folding carton manufacturer has been in the market since 2010. It has a wide range of long-standing customer relationships along with new business customers to personify the entrepreneurial spirit associated with this region. Today, almost fifty percent of our customers are from the pharmaceutical industry. We have been working with industry’s most recognized in pharmaceuticals, be it in domestic or international forum. We have also joined hands with med-pharma customers. Some of those are cutting-edge medical device suppliers placed in the technologically advanced regions of the country.

A bulk section of our business partners dwell from the health and pharmaceutical industry.  We have recently added some of the largest consumer product manufactures in our clients list, which we are very proud of.  We are the primary choice of many packaging suppliers in the field of pharmaceuticals. Our highly creative and sophisticated packaging resonates with our clientele.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturers have been relying on us for a long time now. And we too are proud to provide the needed protection and branding to compete in the highly competitive market today. PrintweekIndia has been providing packaging for some of the most recognized and sought after names all over India.

As a Jaipur based folding carton manufacturer, we try to complete our share of work for the highly technological states in the Industry with acute efficiency. We have promised our techno savvy customers to provide secure packaging solutions to protect and sell their product. Let it be highly recognized software manufacturers or quality consumer electronics companies, our service is always unbiased and authentic.

For a confidential list of representative clients in your industry, please contact your PrintweekIndia sales representative.

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