PrintweekIndia- In relation to the Architectural Industry

The agricultural industry market is a potential and profit derivative market. You cannot consider it to be just something that draws only table plans. There are various branches attached to it, like corresponding documents, photography, consulting drawings, constructing specifications, associating the use of 3 ring binders, tab dividers, pocket folders and software packaging boxes and many more. You have to copy, sort and file everything in one location for easy access, storage and recovery.

At we provide our clients with the following features for their easy access:

  • Finger pulls to retrieve data off the shelf.
  • Custom tab dividers to organize and archive your data.
  • Easel binder with a customizable pocket folder that will hold all your important documents during important presentations.
  • If the folder is not being enough for your additional documents you can always place any additional disc on our customized software packaging units.
  • We also provide a customizable pocket folder with a USB flash drive holder that will fit your demands in any size.

The folder that we will provide you at PrintweekIndia will have the capacity to store all of your digital media and other paper based documents under one covering.

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