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Rules of Color in Print Layout
Rules of Color in Print Layout
Rules of Color in Print Layout

Impression of image depend on its color, in printing color makes any design attractive or not so attractive. Blend of right color gives amazing look to printing but wrong choice can make it rough and worse look.

Color on screen are different then in printing so this point should be keep in mind at times of printing any kind of design and layout.

The right number of color

There is always system in designing for choosing color in different things like postcards, business cards can Use only two colors but in some design stationary 2 to 4 colors can be used, it depend on demand of your design and theme what designer want to convey depend on colors, its shadow and tints, without any requirement use of many colors make designs complicated and in print it looks not worthy.

Perfect combination of colors

Combination of colors have greater impact on viewer as it becomes noteworthy because of right tone of colors only like black goes white ,purple with pink and green with red designers should have knowledge of color combination and what color gives what impression like white for peace ,blue for cold and it gives finest quality in printing layout.

The exact appearance

As it knows the printing looks different as it looks in monitor this is because of light works on colors, since color are deeper in RGB mode in monitor and in printing when it comes to paper not looks intense so if we use CMYK color printing is more effective and even. The exact appearance of colors design in printing can be cleared with CMYK.

These were some important tips for using colors in print layout.

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