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Vijuk Folding Machine

Quite recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have increased the type-size, format and content requirements on medication labeling. This has finally made level reading easier for both patients and medical professionals. The FDA ruling ignited the heavy demand of MV-2013 Outsert Systems from Vijuk Equipment, Inc.

“The 27-ft-long equipment enables the production of inserts and outserts with 40% more panel space than previously available ones while retaining the same size. We vision our new Vijuk system as an investment in our customers,” says Akshay,’s CEO. This cost effective and compact system was never available in the past.

What’s new do we have to offer this time?

This new version is technologically advanced. Some of its excellent features includes touch screen, color-graphical control panel; water and rotary scoring for accurate cross folds; “intelligent” electronic jam and double-sheet detection sensors; digital dials for quicker reads; heavy-duty pressing units; a continuous-load R6 round pile feeder, capable of feeding sheets up to 40-in. long; and an integrated gluing system. This time our products are compact because of which our customers can save lots on storage and shipping cost.

“We have inserted a unique global vision count validation system that will automatically count the number of folded inserts or outserts in each tray. As soon as the count is validated, each tray will be numbered and labeled by an integrated ink-jet printer. We have appointed an audit trail for the entire production run so that we are never lost. The outsert is printed, folded, tray-packed and boxed and is validated at each step. The records are then recorded by individuals to confirm the tracking or ID numbers,” says Akshay while emphasizing on the new addition.

Reason behind the launch

The sole reason for the launch of this newer version of Vijuk machine is the implementation of the rule. FDA keeps on changing the type-font. It went from four- or five-point type to eight-point for physicians or prescribing professionals and 10-point type for consumers. We felt the need of a lot more space and we were left with no other alternative but to upgrade our equipment.

However Akshay Agarwal of did admit to the fact that this time the financial input was way too much. “We are an emerging company. We really needed this upgrade to help up grow. We have been rapidly extending our pharmaceutical field without any look back. We hope that we become successfully in creating the required spark and make a market position of our own,” he hopes.

If you are wondering about the return on investment (ROI) goal for the new machine, with a company our size, the ROI goal would usually be in the five- to seven-year range. But we do wish that it takes less than that for us.

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