12 Types of Kraft Paper Bags – Wholesale Supplier Online India

Be it a simple brown paper bag for lunch or a printed kraft paper bag with your logo, paper carrier bags have many uses.

In this post, we have compiled 12 different types of kraft paper bags for you along with different purposes which they solve. Browse through these various kinds of paper carry bags and find out where do they fit in the needs.

Paper Merchandise Bags

Paper Merchandise Bags, Kraft Paper Bags Wholesale
Paper Merchandise Bags Wholesale

Paper kraft merchandise bags are designed for customers to carry their purchase. Custom paper merchandise bags with handles with brand logos are helpful in getting the attention. You can have your own white paper merchandise bags designed for your brand.

Kraft Paper Mailing Bags

Kraft Paper Mailing Bags India
Kraft Paper Mailing Bags

Envelope style custom paper mailing bags are a popular choice of shipping bags for clothes and apparels. These eco friendly postal bags make a safe choice for shipping fragile items to customers, clients.

SOS Paper Bags

SOS Brown kraft paper bags wholesale supplier India
SOS Brown Kraft Paper Bags

The brown colored SOS paper bags make a popular choice for food takeout. These SOS brown kraft paper bags stand on their own and are used widely across countries for carrying food and other things.

Euro Tote Bags

euro tote bags wholesale Online India
Euro Tote Bags Wholesale

Personalized paper euro shopping tote bags make good looking alternatives to the traditional gift packing. The euro tote bags are often used by high-end retailers. With euro style paper bags, you can always have your brand highlighted in style.

Party Paper Bags

Party Paper Bags Online India, UK kraft paper bags
Party Paper Bags Online India

Party paper bags are mostly needed for the return gifts. These party favor bags in appealing colors and different size are always a delight. White/brown paper party bags make a popular choice to keep it simple and still fulfil the need.

Recycled Paper Bags with Handles

Recycled Kraft Paper Bags with Handles
Recycled Kraft Paper Bags with Handles

It is always a good idea to use 100% recycled paper bags as they don’t harm the environment. Recycled paper bags and handle sacks make a promising pick for any kind of need or event.

Kraft Folded Top Paper Bags

Kraft Folded Top Paper Bags Wholesale Supplier India
Kraft Folded Top Paper Bags Wholesale India

Custom printed folded top paper bags are required mostly by bakeries and other food takeout. Premium kraft folded top paper bags make a safe and comfortable style to carry stuff.

Twisted Handle Paper Bag

Twisted Handle Paper Bags Manufacturer India
Twisted Handle Paper Bags Manufacturer

Twisted paper rope handles add more strength to the handles. Because of the greater strength, twisted handle paper bags are used by many companies for better durability.

Kraft Coated Paper Bags

Coated Paper Bag Manufacturer, Kraft Paper Bags
Coated Paper Bag Manufacturer

For carrying stuff that might light, poly coated paper bags are the best. These coated paper bags add an additional layer to prevent any kind of staining or leakage and therefore, are preferred mostly for carrying food related items.

Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Wholesale Brown Kraft Bags Online India
Wholesale Brown Kraft Bags Online

Brown paper bags at wholesale prices come in all possible sizes and for all possible needs. Custom kraft brown paper bags are widely used by many industries and make one of the most running choice of kraft paper bags.

Paper Recycled Wine Bags

Paper Recycled Wine Bags, Kraft Paper Bags
Paper Recycled Wine Bags

100% Recycled Paper Wine Bags are designed to be used for carrying wine. You can have customizable recycled kraft paper wine bags that are sturdy enough to carry the weight of the bottle.

Custom Paper Bags: Personalized Printed Gift Bags with Your Logo or design

Custom Gift Paper Bags, Personalized Printed Gift Bags India
Custom Gift Paper Bags India

Custom paper bags are an effective way to promote your brand. These promotional custom printed paper bags with your logo and design as well as personalized printed gift bags can be designed as per subjective requirements and budget.

We offer completely customized paper bags for every need at affordable prices. You can select a fancy design, a lovely color and have your name or brand logo printed to have your personalized paper bag created with ease.

Wholesale Kraft Paper Bags Options for Your Business and any occasion

If you are in search of wholesale paper bag options for any event or business, we are here to help you. We can design fantastic custom Kraft paper bags for wholesale prices to help you promote your business.

We are the Kraft paper bag manufacturers and suppliers from India offering our services across USA, UK, Japan and European countries. We promise great quality and best price.

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