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White Corrugated Shipping Mailer Packing Boxes

The most widely used packaging material is definitely the basic cardboard box. It still holds a very strong position in the market because of its finest combination of strength, protection and price. White corrugated boxes presents unique look to your to your shipments. The applied labels and other important shipping instructions are intensified with the crisp white background. We preserve your shipment appearance by sealing the white corrugated premium boxes with cartoon sealing tape or white paper tape.

One of our widespread product lines is the Insulated packaging category. We also provide waterproof corrugated shipping mailer box on demand. Our boxes are expandable so as to provide excellent insulation for longer transit shipments time. Our custom mail boxes avails to the exact need of yours. You will only have to provide us your idea; we will take care of the rest.

White Corrugated Shipping Mailer Packing Boxes – sizes we offer

These customized shipping boxes are available in a number of sizes to perform a number of services accordingly. Some of the commonly ordered dimensions are 6x4x3, 7x4x2, 6x4x2, 6x4x4, 6x2x2, 4x4x3, 7x4x3, 5x3x2, 6x3x2, 10x4x4, 7x7x3, 7x3x3, 9x3x3, 12x4x4 etc. We also provide you the option of personalized size. Henceforth, we will make you the exact size you want.

An overview of the different types available

We provide you a varied option of specially designed cheap corrugated mailer packaging boxes. Single walled, double walled, telescopic and solid board stock shipping boxes tops the popularity list in terms of size, style and grade. It is best suited for shipping mailer packing. We also print custom corrugated mailer boxes with your own logo or print design.

We bring you the packages at the cheapest and most reasonable rate ever. We want your business to flourish and not to hold you back for any reason. Contact us for further enquirers.

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