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Print Your Event Ticket and Custom Tickets from PrintweekIndia

Specialized excellence custom ticket printing by for any occasion, event. print tickets quickly and low –cost, with elegant look. You name it and we print it, for parties, events, occasions, holidays, festivals and many more.

In we provide services on Event ticket, raffle ticket. Choose from huge selection of colors, style size, Optional for Thick and Glossy 10pt Cardstock and options for Perforation and Numbering.

Unique, amazing custom ticket printing designs are quick, inexpensive, and exclusive. Your event or any other fundraising shines!

It is a fact that we come across many kinds of printed tickets in our daily lives. These are small pieces of paper or cars, mostly in the rectangular shape. Advent in technology made these to be used in many ways. Their utility is truly wonderful that they are found all over world. They can play many roles which makes them a versatile product by their usage.

You can easily find printed tickets these days at the bus stand, airports, parking lots, railway stations, cinemas, shopping plazas, stadium and many other places. And, in the media industry, on tickets their success and progress depends. Companies organize special shows and they issue custom printed tickets. Effective innovations in the business of ticket printing are definitely to make them more beautiful and attractive. High quality printing techniques always is beneficial in this matter while the artistic imagination also plays its role.

Are you familiar with the benefits which custom ticket printing will provide you with? If you are responsible for organizing a major event, you will need tickets to sell. These will not only keep the crowds organized, but they are useful in promoting your concert, raffle, or other event as well. How so? As you are selling them to your customers, a visually appealing ticket may help to capture their attention! Also, if your design is well thought out, it can tell them what your event is about without you having to say a word.

PrintweekIndia is known for its quality printing. In advertisement, there is a high importance of Tickets, and we help companies with custom tickets printing. We print regular 1.75″ x 5.5″ and 4″ x 6″ ticket and also jumbo tickets. We create attractive Tickets with classy designing, free of cost and full color CMYK/PMS tickets printing. We print with Sequential Numbering / Perforation. And, we offer free delivery of orders in India. If you are interested in our custom ticket printing services, you may call us 24/7 and talk to our customer support representatives that are capable enough to answer all your queries.

Custom event tickets for more business options!

We offer custom ticket printing for events. With different features, the tickets carry a distinctive and more professional way and also serving their basic purpose – providing all information about an event.

PrintweekIndia’s Event tickets:

Available in different sizes
Available in different paper stock qualities
Come with different perforation and numbering options
Quick Turnaround
Competitive prices

What a good event ticket can do for your business

An event ticket is one of the major entertainment needs used to allow a person access or entry to any kind of events. There are tickets intended for concerts, sports or games, seminars and workshops, theater or stage plays, raffle, promotions, and sometimes even for parties where a restricted list of visitors is provided. Event tickets are sold online, offline or given along with an invitation. And, these tickets are being sold or given months or weeks before an event take place. Also, there are complimentary and free event tickets handed out for free shows where the sole purpose is to control the entry of people for an event.

Benefits of choosing PrintweekIndia to print your tickets

Just compare our products with others and, you will feel the difference – every ticket is 1-2c cheaper than other companies and over $10 cheaper on lowest orders. There is no setup fees charged and shipping is priced at cost.

All our tickets come with standard UV security markings, thermal printing, perforated, custom foils with embossed logo, uniquely numbered, 300 DPI printing on high quality paper stock, and full image/logo integration.

Same day turn around (proofs accepted by 3pm are FedExed out the next morning).

Tickets Printing Features

» Tamper Proof Design
» 2 Part with Perforated Stub
» Serial Numbers
» UV/Backlight Ink
» Coin Rub Ink
» Bar Code Security
» Hologram
» Sequential Numbering
» logo on the front of the ticket

Available Ticket Printing Sizes

Our short-run digital Ticket are available in quantities as low as 50. Or choose offset printed Ticket in quantities of 200 and up.

All are available in four trim sizes: