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With the Go Green anthem picking up pace world wide in addition to the high cost of printing and postage many educational institutions is starting to reconsider their option of printing glossy Viewbooks. But whatever might be the cause researches say that close to 86% of the colleges and schools publish view books. It is fast becoming the standard for websites to offer their prospective families an online version of their Viewbook to break in amidst the traditional printing service. Digital version view books enable users to view instantly and also speculate customization of their pages as opposed to waiting for the post to arrive. Unlike PDF versions of your prospectus or static page turning magazines which consumes a lot of downloading time, our new interactive digital prospectus and magazine for our exclusive range of professional Viewbook design offers you a lot of options.

Reason as to why should you choose us

We are more engaging and prompt that the traditional press. We not only let our clients go though our prospective prospectus or school magazines but let them experience it. Our digital, interactive page turning Viewbooks and Magazines not only gives you a printed equivalent but also have provisions for interchangeable video, audio, animation, online forms and 3D images of your school or university. We let you insert still photographs and students testimonials as well.

We are economical in nature. Conventional printing always comes with losses. In case you want to change some text later on, you have to reprint those. Our interactive digital magazines cuts down your printing and distribution costs and allow your readers to view it instantly rather than waiting for the post. When the need of changes occurs you may update it immediately keeping your school look book current and relevant.

We make you familiar to your target group expectations. Our digital magazines will get you detailed insights about your readers’ behavior, ranging from simple statistics such as readership to detailed analytics and heat maps to show you which content is the most popular among them and which is not, so that your are able to refine your content in time.

We want your potential prospectus to bring a strong message to the parents and the students. In this ipod generation, if you want your view books to be popular and successful it has to be exciting, relevant and appropriate. We have always been on the good book in the view book printing market.

Other options with us

We offer premium quality C-Print using high-end printers on professional photo papers so that you always receive the longest lasting and highest quality photographic prints available.

It is the quality and simplicity of our service that has made us popular over the years.

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