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Wholesale File Folders, Portable & Storage Box Files in Bulk

The File Storage Boxes are a great product which can be used in offices and homes. You can not only store your files in them but also organize them in a proper way. These medium-duty file storage boxes come with lift-off lid. Each File Extra Strength Storage Box has a deep, locking lid that keeps the files in place. These stackable file boxes occupy less space in your room.

You can create a well organized office or home using our fantastic range of Wholesale file storage boxes. Add some style and color to your desk and shelves with our bold range of file and document storage boxes. Or you can also create an orderly haven with our more traditional colored file storage boxes. If you need inexpensive file storage boxes, A4 document boxes or magazine file boxes, you can surely find them here at

To make place in your filing cabinets for new files, you need a way to store your archives safely. PrintweekIndia thus offers you our wide selection of plastic and corrugated storage boxes, drawers, crates, and other file storage systems that keep your files and important business documents well-organized and well-protected while in storage. Take a look at our wide range of products like the corrugated file storage boxes, plastic file storage boxes, plastic filing containers, carts, drawers, crates, drawer systems, and even alternative storage systems. We’ve got all sizes of plastic file storage boxes, drawers, and crates which can handle any size or shape files and documents. We feature our own line of file storage boxes and storage solutions and more leading brands in file storage solutions, like Bankers Box, Snap-N-Store and Akro-Mils.

PrintweekIndia has all types of file storage boxes you need to keep your important office files and documents safe and organized. The bankers boxes available through PrintweekIndia are solid, high quality file storage boxes that can fit both letter and legal size documents. You would definitely want to own more of such boxes. Thus you be glad to know that you can now order them in packs of 10 or 12 and would end up paying much less than the market rate. These boxes are easy to carry and designed in such a way that you can store multiple boxes in your office storage room compactly also allowing easy labeling and access to them. You can thus locate your file within no time. You can either keep these boxes on top of one another or store them side by side on shelves in a compact way. PrintweekIndia offers you a variety of solutions for your file storage requirements.

PrintweekIndia also offers a variety of storage products. We’ve also offer steel frame bankers boxes, custom file storage boxes with convenient handles and even complete bankers box file cube boxes so that you can easily store multiple bankers boxes against any wall in your office or supply closet, saving floor space and making storage and retrieval easier.

PrintweekIndia file storage boxes are very affordable and very convenient. If you are looking for storage options for your office, you have come to the best place. Now you do not need to hunt for your storage boxes anywhere else and can order your file storage boxes through PrintweekIndia right away!!

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