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Custom Made Rigid Boxes for Luxury Products

PrintWeekIndia.com , Custom Rigid Boxes Manufacturer and Supplies in India

Rigid Boxes are the type that is already pre-formed in the shape of a box. These beautifully finished Rigid Boxes manufactured by combining paper, board, and glue, offer companies a chance to beautifully and safely present their products. They can be designed to custom specifications based on the marketing requirements. Rigid boxes made using environment friendly paper board can be reused over the years as attractive storage which offer eye-catching display value and long-term brand visibility. Rigid box is the best packaging choice for cosmetics, liquor, confectionary, boutique, consumer products, and multimedia and gift cards. PrintweekIndia’s wide range include customized rigid boxes made according to customer’s specification, and rigid gift boxes, available in many sizes, colors and designs to fit different needs.

A strong and attractive rigid box can not only significantly increase the after-market value of the product it holds, but is also durable, elegant and cost effective.

The option of customizing our boxes offers limitless design and material possibilities. Our services include design advice, paper engineering and detailed mock-ups. Our boxes are wrapped in all types of materials including synthetic, foil and FSC papers and fabrics.  Latest printing technology including offset litho printing, silk screen printing, flexo printing and die cutting are used. We offer various finishes like hot stamping, foiling, embossing, varnishes, coatings and lamination. Our one-of-a-kind boxes are created using specialty coverings, intricate openings, and custom hardware and fasteners. Satisfaction, highly skilled hand-assembly and sourcing of any co-pack promotional items are also offered.

It is said that nice things come in small packages, but we say the very best things come in rigid boxes. If you want to make an impression, you want a rigid box. Rigid boxes add value; they tell you it’s time to get excited, it’s time for an experience. Without reducing the integrity of this time honored convention, we have used a recyclable and fabulous embossed pillow pattern instead of the gold and silver diamond foil. The glamorous gold and silver metallic inks and a sophisticated surface of the new environmentally friendly rigid boxes are guaranteed to impress.

PrintweekIndia are professionals in manufacturing custom made rigid boxes made to fit  customer’s exact specifications. These rigid boxes available in any size,color and shape, cater to different product packaging needs of our customers.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for custom rigid boxes or Request a Quote for your next paper packaging boxes project. Thinking outside the box about boxes.


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