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Wholesale & Bulk Pizza Boxes – Custom Printed Pizza Boxes at Great Prices

Pizzas have successfully won the hearts of people around the globe. This Italian dish comes in its own conventional set of boxes.  As such pizza box printing is a ready market. We are known for our quality driven enterprise, renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of durable custom printed pizza boxes, cardboard pizza boxes, non recyclable, cheap, at wholesale rates and many more. Our technical expertise and robust infrastructure speaks for our durability and flexibility. We provide the necessary protection to the packed material during transportation.

Our custom pizza boxes come in a number of sizes and shapes.  It is manufactured in sizes like 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 16 inches with different heights like 2” or 1.5” in 1/2/3 col. Flexo or 4 col. We imply waterproof offset printing as it has wide range of qualities to suit customer’s need. Some of our highly popular demands are white/brown, white/white, and brown/brown in bundle of 100 pcs/200 pcs – polythene wrapped. Discuss with us about your demands and we will produce them in no time.

Products to choose from

Custom printed pizza boxes :  Order for pizza box printing with your own logo on them.  We also have a readymade stock of printed designs for you to choose from. Perfect pizza brown, yummy tangy, full Italiano, over flowing cheese are the names of a few.

Unprinted Pizza boxes : We offer a wide range of unprinted white pizza boxes in different carton designs and board grades. Though this sounds simple, we have a few options to provide, like unprinted white single/double fold, unprinted top lock and white big foot.

Generic Pizza boxes : You will find a chef carrying a pizza on the top of the pizza box as our generic mark. They are available in two color print. Both white on kraft and kraft on kraft is kept ready for you to order.

Special boxes : This section is totally creative. We tried thinking out of the box and came up with this incredible idea of making pizza boxes in different shapes and naming them according to the purpose it is meant to serve. For example, kid’s box, slice box, sub box, etc.

We are also flexible on our price rates. These eco friendly pizza boxes do not cost much. Bulk orders are accompanied with heavy discounts.

So what are you waiting for? Call us at our toll free number and fix your deal today!

Contact us to discuss your requirements for custom pizza boxes or Request a Quote for your next paper packaging boxes project. Thinking outside the box about boxes.