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Custom Printed Noodle Boxes & Noodle Packaging at Wholesale and Bulk Pricing

Noodle Boxes are the best for hot, cold, greasy or also dry food products. These round boxes make it a lot easier to fill and comfortable to hold. Noodle boxes save space and can be stored in a small shelf space, tightly nesting together.

PrintweekIndia is a one-stop paper and plastic food packaging solutions supplier. We provide food packaging products such as noodle boxes, rice boxes, take away boxes, salad boxes, pizza boxes, plastic food containers, food trays, paper bowls, noodle cups, hot drinking paper cups, cold drinking paper cups, ice cream cups, disposable plastic cups, shopping bags, take away bags and other related products.

We make a large range of cardboard food containers, the majority of which can be recycled using food grade card. It can be considered as the best green alternative to the traditional plastic or foil containers. Our noodle boxes are lined in such a way that they can perfectly carry a wet curry or noodle dish. Sizes are available from 16oz – 32oz in plain and patterned styles.

You can get our Noodle boxes either in Plastic or White cardboard, available in 3 different sizes. Plastic Noodle boxes are sold in multiples of 200 only and come in beautiful range of bright colored tints or solid colors, also clear if you want. Our ‘Food grade’ White Cardboard Noodle boxes can be ordered in the multiples of 50 and all sizes have a small metal handle. They are easy, convenient and can be used for multiple purposes making the ideal presentation box for any Bonbonniere gifts, cup cakes or wedding cake containers.

Paper Noodle Boxes

Paper Noodle boxes are manufactured using high grade material matching the international quality standards. We provide these paper noodle boxes, customized the way our esteemed clients want them. These type of boxes are widely used for packaging.

Plastic Noodle Boxes

The perfect purple plastic noodle box is a must have in any party! You can also use Plastic noodle boxes as lollies/party favors instead of the traditional style lolly bag. You could even decorate them beautifully to match the theme of your party – one box, multiple uses!

Our Plastic Noodle boxes are waterproof and are also capable of holding warm liquid. However they are not microwave proof. If you want to use a plastic noodle box in a microwave it is recommended that you purchase our plastic noodle boxes (without the wire handle).

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