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Presentation Boxes Packaging at Wholesale Rates – Buy Gift Boxes in Bulk

Wholesale Presentation boxes are specially designed for a product ensuring that it is uniquely displayed. A variety of materials are used including printed board, printed sheets mounted by us to chipboard or cardboard and then made into the required design.

A presentation box not only helps to sell your product, but also helps to protect it’s contents. There are several types of presentation box, such as a simple shoe box style to a hinged lid shoulder box with a ribbon stay and a satin lined platform. All our presentation boxes are covered with paper. We use a variety of papers from a simple coated white paper to a paper backed cloth. If storage space matters to you then you will be amazed at how good a flat packed carton can present your product.

We present a huge variety of presentation boxes ideal for different purposes. The different types of presentation boxes manufactured by us provide finishing touch to the product.

At PrintweekIndia you can have your own customized presentation boxes with your own unique style! We make our custom presentation boxes from the highest quality materials which give a rich appearance at an inexpensive rate. You have option to select from 3 distinct lines (Flare, Slick and Planet) and then choose your color/texture. You can thus showcase your work in a way that it shows your creativity and your attention to detail.

You can also use our unique online “Design Engine” to add your own custom graphics or even the logo of your company to your portfolio box or presentation cases and you will surely make an ever lasting impression.

PrintweekIndia’s in-house manufacturing makes sure that your presentation boxes, presentation cases or portfolio boxes are made from the highest-grade raw materials. Since we have complete control over the manufacturing process, you can be sure that your presentation boxes will be on their way to you within a day or two from the time of the placement of your order.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for custom Presentation boxes or Request a Quote for your next paper packaging boxes project. Thinking outside the box about boxes.