Comparing Color Consistency with the Competitors

Published on: Aug 09 2013 by admin

A well recognized, large medical device manufacturer who also happens to be PrintweekIndia’s customers started producing new packaging for their product line. So they came to us for a satisfying press check to end up with the desired color and quality results on paper. They also asked to set the printing standard for all other packaging using the same graphics.
Medical Packaging BoxBefore asking for, they approached another carton manufacturer with a different structure to conduct a press check for the same artwork. The first press check used UV inks and coatings during the process. The customer brought us the approved sheet so that we may compare the results of the two processes, as ours was to be run with conventional inks and coatings.

As our press crew finished their make-ready, the inks were placed at standard densities. The customer came to the press to review the results. The client then compared the press sheet done on UV inks and conventional ink and found one obvious color variation. The graphics contained a duotone image the used golden yellow and black ink. The big different was visible between the strength of the golden yellow on the UV sheet and the results shown with conventional inks. We took out density readings of the UV sheet.  It was found that the other shop had run the golden yellow ink very heavy and it was bleeding out from the standard densities of the ink.  Although PrintweekIndia was able to push the ink, we did not consider it as a good idea.  Because it would have been hard to match on future print runs and would be more prone to color variations. The ink and water balance is harder to standardize if you want to push your inks out of their range.

When we reviewed this information with the customer we recommended that we increase the color of the golden yellow in the artwork files to match the results achieved by pushing the UV ink. It will allow us to run our inks at their proper density and we will have lesser color variation with better repeatability and perfect quality. They agreed without any question. The art changes were made to the files immediately, a new golden yellow plate was used and we started over with the press. Fortunately, we are successful in achieving the desired result. We also continued keeping control of our inks to ensure a color match on future runs for the customer.

The customer was so greatly satisfied that they have decided to come to PrintweekIndia every time for initial press checks. They wanted us to make sound recommendations and adjustments on press or to artwork files, if and when necessary. PrintweekIndia is on the bloom like never before. We have been successfully setting standards for our artwork in front of other packaging printers and there has been no looking back ever since.

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