Design Tips for Large Format Printing

Published on: Oct 27 2012 by admin

Large format printing is one of the most excellent ways of doing endorsement and therefore essential to get finest designs to guarantee that large format printing comes out great and striking. Large format printing is vital in advertising when printed in form of banner or any other form which required advertises viewed from distance. It is very essential that design should be flawless and created in small interval of time with perfection. But it can be tuff to get designers who can make entire designs with excellence in small period of time.

There are some important design tips for large format printing

Vector format

Design with immense quality can be possible if go for vector format as vector have smaller file size and it will not make your computer slow down and work will be faster ,printer also faster because of size and quality in vector image. With vector image work with smaller scale and resolution required as it affect your print and design resolution makes size smaller or larger so it’s important to have correct resolution.

Trial small print

Trial printing sample should be taken out to get an idea of printing look. In this way time will not be waste and come to know exactly what will be outcome of your design in printing.

Clarity of fonts and designs

In large format printing design can be viewed from distance is necessary so its important to use font size and image  size in such form that it should be clearly seen from distance.


Most of large format are used inkjet, stick with commonly used colors for large format printing.

Large format printing can comes with remarkable designs if these points should be taken care in consideration.CJKTV65G4VRB

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